Purchasing a yacht is a significant investment, and it is not a decision that you want to rush into making. You will need to take your time and do plenty of research before you start looking for a yacht for sale in Thailand and understand what you are getting yourself into when owning a yacht. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider before buying a vessel, which can help ensure you make the correct choice and purchase the most suitable one for your requirements.

Owning A Yacht Is Expensive

You will need to consider the expense of owning a yacht, and it will cost you much more than the initial price tag of the purchase. You will need to ensure you can afford to maintain your vessel correctly and keep it in excellent condition. Some of the additional costs you can expect when owning a yacht include:

  • The Cost Of Fuel
  • How Much It Costs To Dock Your Vessel
  • The Cost Of The Salaries Of The Crew
  • Insurance For Your Yacht
  • The Maintenance Costs Of Your Yacht

You can also pay taxes on your vessel, depending on where you live, and you can often expect to pay around 10% of the boat’s value in running costs and maintenance. If that has not put you off owning a yacht, you will also need to consider where you will moor your vessel.

Finding Somewhere Suitable To Keep Your Yacht

You must have somewhere safe and secure to moor your vessel to keep it safe and allow workers to work on the yacht when it needs repairs and maintenance. You will need to find somewhere with a big enough berth for your boat but is not too far away from where you live so that you can get plenty of use out of your new purchase. There are plenty of marinas along the coast of Thailand that you can use, and hopefully, there will be a suitable one close to where you live.

Exporting Your Yacht

If there comes a time when you want to take your vessel to another country and keep it there, this can also be a significant expense as you may have to pay taxes on it. There may be taxes when leaving Thailand and on entering your yachts new home, which will be based on the vessel’s value. Make sure you do plenty of research before committing to buying a yacht, so there are no hidden costs you are unaware of and there are no nasty surprises.