Bromont is the perfect destination for a family holiday. While the city has so much to offer for tourists, families can find it hard to get credible information while they plan for their trip. We are indeed past the era of no/less information – today, there is an excess of information. Thus, when one wants to browse for information, they are bombarded with details from various media. Some of it can be misinformation too. However, for all families planning for a trip to Bromont, worry not! Here is the information you need for the perfect escapade à Bromont en famille.

Bromont – Things to do

Bromont offers a range of fun activities for travellers of all kinds. Here are some of the things one can expect to take part in.

  • Explore the mountains

A winter in Bromont opens up exciting possibilities. Bromont is home to North America’s biggest enlightened ski domain. Travel in the winters to experience day and night skiing. For the most adventurous ones, cross-country skiing is an option too. The mountain trails surrounding Bromont are maintained in excellent condition and are the best for all adventure sports involving snow.

  • Relax at the spa

Not all families that take a vacation are up and about. Those who are more of the laid-back kind can choose to unwind at a spa. The spas around Bromont are uniquely located amidst lush greenery. Visitors can experience the best treatments from international cultures as they unwind in nature’s lap, get a taste of nutritious cuisines and take part in activities such as open water swimming.

  • Take a sneak-peek into Old Bromont

The city offers a wholesome experience for the history and architecture buffs too. Old Bromont is a typical village with boutiques and restaurants whose architecture reflects the region’s trademark styles. The important streets lined with patrimonial buildings are a visual treat to the travellers.

The final word

No matter what kind of a traveller you are, Bromont welcomes you with open arms. For foodies, there are plenty of local restaurants and wine tours. The adventurous ones can take one of the numerous hiking trails or go mountain biking. For the classic travellers, there are heritage tours, libraries, golf courses and a lot more to explore. Overall, the city is sure to leave you in awe as you digest what an enriching experience your trip has been! So, what are you waiting for? Book you escapade à Bromont en famille and get going!