If you are like most women, you probably dream of a fairytale wedding. You already have an idea of your wedding dress and have picked out some wedding details even before you meet the right groom. But, what about imaging yourself standing in front of Mr. Right without stress, with the work of nature in the background? Isn’t it a picture-perfect moment to spend time with the man of your life with the sun warming your skin and the ocean waves kissing the shore behind you? This set up is called an elopement which is becoming a famous option among couples around the world. So why is elopement a great option compared to the classic white wedding? Keep reading to know the answer:

It can Help you Save Money

The average wedding can be a massive financial undertaking, costing thousands of dollars. Some couples who try to push this wedding end up paying for the costs even months after their big day. But, elopements are usually cheaper than the average wedding. Although the price usually varies, a lot of elopement companies offer much cheaper services than others. Being able to save money allows you t put more towards an amazing honeymoon. Check out elopement ideas at https://customlasvegasweddings.com/9-scenic-and-romantic-las-vegas-desert-elopement-ideas/.

It Lets You Decide How Intimate it Could Get

An elopement does not confine you to a strict timeline with your guests and service providers asking you seemingly endless questions and ten bridesmaids running around searching for their stuff. With an elopement, it can be just you and him or with a few people. You can choose to get it as slow and intimate as you want or as adventurous and fun.

It Gives you VIP Treatment

Eloping allows you to spend money on spoiling yourself rather than trying to keep everyone happy. A lot of traditional weddings get caught up around families and friends meeting up as well as the rush to visit everybody in a small time frame. If you have dreamed of having the most intimate candle-lit dinner in Vegas, now is your chance. You surely want your wedding to be just about you two as a couple. An elopement is the best opportunity to go all out.

It can be Done with Planning it a Year in Advance

Usually, planning a wedding takes around one year as most venues are booked a year in advance. But, if you want to get married within the next two months, the easiest option is to elope in Vegas. Just book two tickets, get married, and enjoy your time together.