When you are going on holiday in Phuket, there are lots of accommodation choices available, and there are some fantastic value places to stay if you look hard enough. When you are looking for an accommodation deal, Karon Beach and other areas of Phuket have excellent deals that are perfect for singles, couples, and families. Below is some advice you can follow to help you get the best deal possible when planning a holiday in beautiful Phuket that can help you have a fantastic holiday.

The Cheapest Time Of Year To Go

The time of year you visit Phuket can affect how much you pay for your accommodation, so choosing the cheapest time of year can save you a lot of money. The most popular months to visit Phuket are between November and February, and it is peak season, so it is almost the most expensive. If you travel to Phuket in the rainy season between June and October, some excellent deals are available. Although it is the rainy season, there is still fantastic weather, and you can still get an amazing suntan.

Consider The Type Of Accommodation You Want

Choosing the most appropriate accommodation can also help you save money, and it depends on what you will do on holiday. Some people are active on holiday and only use their hotel to shower and sleep, with the rest of the time being out and about and seeing what is available. However, if you plan to relax by the pool or on the beach for your holiday, you may want to spend some more and choose a quality hotel or resort.

Compare Prices Online

You will also want to ensure that you compare the prices for hotels and resorts online, as they can vary quite drastically. You can find the hotel on various websites such as Agooda.com, booking.com, or Trivago.com and is a different price on each site. Shopping around can help y save money, and with the money you save, you may be able to upgrade your accommodation and stay somewhere more luxurious.

Look For Flight & Hotel Deals Combined

You can often find that if you book your hotel and flights to Phuket with the same company, you can get a discount which works out to be an excellent deal. It can often be cheaper than booking your flights and hotels separately, so it is worth investigating and seeing what discounts are available. If you look hard enough, you can find some excellent deals for holidays in Phuket and help ensure you have a fantastic holiday in the Land of Smiles.