This type of tourism caters to all tastes and pockets. In addition, it is common to find guided food tours that you can hire before or during your trip. However, if you want to visit the places yourself, it’s essential to research and plan, so you don’t spend more than necessary. So, check out our gastronomic tourism tips below to make the most of your trip!

Guided Tour

But, after all, do you know what a food tour is? The concept involves a guided tour to get to know the local cuisine and is one of the best gastronomic tourism tips. So, you can get to know the history and culture and taste some local food and drinks that are usually included in the package. In addition, the guided gastronomic tour can be ideal for meeting new people and tasting typical foods. In addition, it is convenient for those who do not have much time to research or spend a few days enjoying the same city.

Beyond What’s On The Plate

One of the leading Cooking Vacations tips on this list is not to focus only on what was served on your plate. In this sense, this type of tourism delves deeply into the local culture and history, so try to exchange information about what you are eating. In addition, with gastronomic tourism, we can understand different realities from ours and the tradition of each people. So, try to understand how all cooking works, where the ingredients come from and talk and exchange experiences with the natives. This is certainly a style of tourism that is worth knowing.

Choose The Hotel For The Kitchen

So, if you are going to travel for tourism, there is a great possibility that you will stay in hotels or inns. Therefore, when making your reservation, look for places that offer a typical meal. Usually, the smaller inns have a kitchen that can offer delicious dishes with a strong place flavor.

This is a great value for money to get to know the cuisine of your destination, as you won’t have to look far to try the food. In addition, you can also ask for recommendations for dishes or even other restaurants to make complete gastronomic tourism.


At first, when we think of a gastronomic tour, we immediately think of typical dishes and different foods. However, there are excursions and food tours that include full tours of breweries and wineries in the region. In this way, it can be a good idea to get to know plantations, traditions, and history and take the opportunity to taste typical drinks of your destination. Most food and beverage tours include appetizers or meals with local specials! So you can take a complete tour!