Just an hour’s drive from Seattle, Arlington is a nice getaway in Washington for anyone in need of an escape. If you are an ardent traveler, who doesn’t mind staying away from the big cities, this is where you need to head, especially if you are in Seattle. In this post, we share the best of Arlington for your next trip!

  • Explore around. There is nothing like spending days at a stretch doing nothing but enjoying nature in Snohomish County. We recommend that you rent a car, so that you keep going back to Seattle, if you need to.
  • Stay at a nice resort. You will be rather surprised to find some incredible casino resorts in Arlington, including top names like Angel of the Wind, which also is known for Arlington bowling alley. For those who don’t mind spending on their stay or wish to try their luck at gambling, this could be a great pick.
  • The Outback Kangaroo Farm. Among the popular picks is The Outback Kangaroo Farm, which is a zoo that allows you get up and close with some of the best exotic animals. There are interactive experiences that you can choose from, so this is a good place to go with the kids.

  • Bryant Blueberry Farm. Another good place for the kids is the Bryant Blueberry Farm, which is family owned and offers some incredible activities. Let your child pick some berries, while you can explore the beauty of the farm that has been so well-maintained.
  • Outdoor activities. Of course, there is no dearth of outdoor fun here in Arlington and Everett, and we recommend that you check your options for fishing, river rafting, and hiking. There are some amazing tour operators that can plan things for you, and if you are staying at a good hotel, the staff there can also offer considerable help.

Arlington, being close to Seattle, does get busy on weekends, so if you intend to stay here, we recommend that you book everything in advance. Check for resort packages, which are great for saving money, and you also get amazing credits for using some of their existing services. If you are here with your spouse, find the casino resort we mentioned and spend your time enjoying the best of dining and table games. There is literally no dearth of things you can find to do near Seattle!